by 2030
800 Million jobs can be lost to automation
Source: McKinsey research

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Humanity beyond automation

47% of US employment is at risk of being lost to automation

(C.Frey, M.Osborne - univ. Oxford, 2013.)

We stand at the precipice of Industrial Revolution 4.0 - the convergence of exponential technologies, which will bring full automation to most industries, making most forms of human employment obsolete.

No job is safe, the machines are coming for white collar and blue collar jobs alike. This is not science fiction, this change is occuring today and it’s happening at an accelerating pace. The sheer scale of unemployment, brought by the coming waves of Automation, can be catastrophic to the world economy.

Machina Foundation was created for the sole purpose of finding a sustainable and fair way for humanity to survive and prosper in this coming age of Automation.


Our areas of focus

Fair Automation

Automation is the natural next step in the evolution of work and it is inevitable.
Corporations, would rather rip all of the benefits of automation, leaving nothing to the rest of humanity. We believe, there is a better way.

Future Jobs

As automated technologies decisively take away most routine work from humans, what are we supposed to do to secure our future?
We have gathered some of the greatest minds on the planet, to find the answers.

Human Development

To stay relevant in an automated world, we have to gain new knowledge and master new skills. Learn how to make Technology work for you. Machina Foundation provides education in the fields of Robotics, AI and more.


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